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Sayaka Panchul is an oil painter specializing in portrait and landscape paintings. She lives in Silicon Valley, California. Her inspirations come from her Bay Area surroundings, where the rise and fall of high-tech companies keep changing the look of cities.

The rapid urban development keeps destroying the remnants of orchards and farmlands. Yet there are many beautiful nature preserves where wildlife thrives a short drive away from the cities. Fortunate to live in the unique environment, she hopes to capture in her paintings the magic and beauty of Bay Area scenery. Her paintings are a celebration of life and gratitude for nature.   

She graduated UC Berkeley with a Bachelor of Art Practice and studied under California artists: Jane Rosen, Wendy Sussman, Tree William and Catherine Sherwood. She furthered her oil paintings studies in self taught manner by observing old paintings in museums. She is fascinated by the traits of viscous oil paints no other mediums can produce. As she struggles to capture the fleeting beauty of nature with layers and texture of paints, her paintings become the impression of the scenery with realistic forms rather than the faithful mimicking of nature

Honorable mention, 91st Annual Statewide California Landscape Exhibition by Santa Cruz  
          Art League

2021   Finalist, Stroke of Genius 13, The best of drawing, Artists Network and Artists Magazine
1989   NHK, Japan Broadcasting Corporation Chiba, Director's award for the environmental awareness            design competition
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